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Identified WWI British Helmet with Scrim Camouflage Pattern and 82nd Division Insignia
Item #: WR703
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This is a British manufactured Brodie helmet from World War I. The helmet still retains the oilcloth liner and leather chinstrap. The helmet is in good condition with no dents or punctures. The helmet has an olive drab color on the interior. The exterior of the helmet has been painted in a scrim camouflage pattern of blue, red, tan, orangish yellow, black and green. The division insignia of the American 82nd Division, the "All Americans", has been painted in the center of the front of the helmet. Most American divisions deployed to France with their campaign hats and were issued British made helmets already in theater. This is a later war production, as there is steel band applied to the rim of the helmet. Stamped into the inner brim is HS 96, indicating that the helmet was manufactured by Hatfield LTD of Sheffield, England. The number 96 is the steel batch number. Hatfield was a steel supplier and manufacturer of the Brodie helmet from 1916 - 1919. The name James B Sharpe is written on the underside of the rim of the helmet in three places. Also written is his unit, Supply Co. 328 Inf and his service number of 1911545. James Blaine Sharpe was born on 26 December, 1893 in Waddington, New York. He is shown as a farmer when he registered for the draft at the age of 24 in 1917. He was inducted into the Army on 21 September, 1917 at Ogdensburg, New York. He was made the rank of Wagoner on 15 Dec, 1917 and retained the rank through discharge. Wagoner Sharp sailed on the troop ship Champion with the rest of Supply Company, 328th Infantry Regiment, departing 1 May, 1918 from Boston. He served overseas from 1 may, 1918 to 29 may, 1919. The Supply Company of the 328th Infantry Regiment then sailed from Bordeaux, France aboard the troop ship Ohioan bound for New York harbor. Wagoner James B Sharpe was honorably discharged from the United States Army on 29 May, 1919 at Camp Upton, New York. This is one of the finest examples of a painted camouflage helmet that I've had. Being with the 328th, who knows, maybe Wagoner Sharpe and Corporal York may have had some conversations about mules in their travels! This painted British WWI helmet used by an American from the "All American" Division will make a fantastic addition to your WWI collection.

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