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Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Cutdown to Pattern 1856 Short Rifle
Item #: WR708
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This is a Pattern 1853 Enfield type III rifle musket from the American Civil War. The overall length of this weapon should be 55", with a barrel length of 39". This gun has been shortened to resemble the Pattern 1856 Enfield two band short rifle. The overall length of the weapon is now 49 1/8", with a barrel length of 33". This particular weapon was manufactured by the Birmingham maker Tower. The exterior of the barrel is smooth, with light pitting along the entire length. The surface of the barrel shows a steel gray patina mottled with dark age spots. Also visible is a gold tint in some areas along the barrel, bands, hammer and lock, suggesting this one may have spent some time in a GAR hall as a war trophy. The bore of the barrel is turning dark with mild pitting, but no rust and still has visible rifling. The proof marks are still legible, reading from the breech are a crown over script BP, the number 25, crossed scepters with a crown in the top and the letter V in the bottom, the number 25 and crossed scepters with a crown in the top and the letters BPC in the other quadrants. These indicate the Birmingham Provisional Proof, caliber .577, The Birmingham viewers mark, caliber.577 and the Birmingham Proof House mark respectively. This old long gun did some shooting in it's time, as a bore gage now shows it at .60 caliber. The original front sight is still present, as is the rear sight. A keyless bayonet lug has been added to the right side of the barrel to accommodate a saber bayonet. with the number 5 stamped in it. The lockplate is stamped with a crown to the rear of the hammer and 1863/TOWER forward of the hammer. The mechanics of the lock function normally, the hammer holds at half cock and full cock. The patina of the lock matches that of the barrel and bands. The front and rear sling swivels are still present. A correct length ramrod is also present, and still retains the original threads. The nose cap, trigger guard and butt plate are brass and have a muted golden patina. This gun has been cleaned at some point in the past, but has begun to age back nicely. The stock is in good condition, having no major stress cracks or wood loss. It has been shortened 7" to match the length and appearance of the Pattern 1856. The wood shows to be a nice medium brown walnut. The expected bumps and dings are there from normal handling, but nothing significant. The barrel and ramrod channels are still very crisp and sharp. There are no visible stamps or cartouches to be found on the stock. A brass number 3 has been inlaid in the wrist area of the stock. A small German silver scroll has also been inlaid on the left stock flat with the name Frank Dasso engraved on it. I haven't had any luck finding out who he was, perhaps a soldier or maybe the gentleman who performed this alteration. I'm not sure when it was done, but it was very professionally executed. This will make a nice addition to any Civil War long gun collection, altered gun collection and may even be a shooter!
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