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Edo Period Tanto Chato
Item #: WR742
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This is a Chato (Tea Sword) or Chagatana/Bokuto from the Edo period somewhere around the early 1800's time period. These carved wood Chato's were designed for doctor's, poets, scholars and other non combatants of the Samurai culture. The doctors were not allowed to carry an actual sword, since their role was in the preserving of life, no taking it. They carried these Chato's as a symbol of their rank and their loyalty to the Lord of their domain. This one measures 16 1/2" in length and is 1 7/16" at the widest point. This one is carved to resemble a Tonto. It is all one piece, and it does not present the image that the Tsuka(handle) can be removed from the Saya (scabbard). The handle is not wrapped in a marine skin, but is complete with Menuki (ornaments) in the form of a silver monkey with gold eyes carrying a gold crab. They are solid silver and gold, not plated. There is a provision for a Sageo (cord) on the saya, and it has a tan cord with brown and red stripes down the center. The entire Tonto is brown. This Chato has been personalized with poetry engraved on the front side and a small section along the narrow flat on the back. I wish I could tell you what it said, but unfortunately I can't read it. If you have an antique Japanese collection, particularly a Samurai collection, this Chato is a must for you!
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