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Rare Task Force Commander's Copy of the Invasion Plans for Okinawa.
Item #: WR757
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This is without doubt the rarest historical document to come into my possession! It is the Task Force Commander's copy of the operational plans for the invasion of the island of Okinawa. The invasion plans are in the original binder, with the outside cover being marked TOP SECRET/COMMANDER TASK FORCE/FIFTY-ONE. There are a total of 491 pages, including the accompanying maps, with the top of each written page being marked Top Secret. The invasion of Okinawa took place in April of 1945, and by then the US military had acquired plenty of experience with island fighting and all the contingencies that can occur. The operational plan is broken down into 16 annexes, each with multiple appendices. Some of the annexes are labeled preferred plan, with an alternative plan listed below it. Included in the annexes listed are: A general instructions for the amphibious phase of the operations for the capture of Okinawa and nearby islands, B Intelligence plan, C Communication plan, D Approach plan, E Transports, fire support and beach areas, F Movement plan, G Ship's Gunfire Support plan, H Air support plan, I Minesweeping and net plan, J Beach Recon and underwater demolition plan, K Protective plan, L SOPA instructions, M Logistics plan, N Medical plan, O Public relations and P Evacuation plan of assault troops. Many of these pages have hand written changes where an individual or ships name changed. In other areas where significant changes were made the new information is taped over the original. While this document is fragile, it is 100% complete. The battle for the island of Okinawa took place from 1 April through 22 June, 1945 and proved to be bloodiest one of the Pacific theater. During the 82 day long battle nearly 95,000 Japanese soldiers were killed, along with 20,195 Americans. Nearly 1/4 of the civilian population of Okinawa was either killed or committed suicide during that time frame, almost 150,000 people. The US forces responsible for the invasion, capture and occupation of Okinawa were designated as Task Force 51, commanded by Vice Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner. Under his command, Task Force 51 consisted of 1213 ships and 657,000 officers and men. This is Admiral Turner's personal copy of the invasion plans for the Okinawa invasion, truly a rare and historical document. Occasionally maps or others information from different invasion plans become available on the market, but hardly ever do you see a complete set of plans, let alone the task force commander's copy up for sale. If you are a serious Pacific theater collector, this should be the center piece of your collection!
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