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Mid 1700's French "Fusil De Chase" Original Flintlock Trade Gun
Item #: WR760
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This is a black powder trade gun from the mid 1700's manufactured by an unknown maker in France. This old trade gun is still in it's original flintlock configuration. It measures 55 1/2" overall, with a barrel length of 38 3/4". The barrel is not of the typical fowling piece design, but is round from the breech all the way out to the muzzle. The smooth bore barrel gauges out at .75 caliber and is dark with active rust and pitting. There is no rear sight on the barrel, the front sight is a small iron blade type. Approximately 1 1/2" behind the sight is evidence where another front sight had been dove tailed into the barrel. The barrel has an untouched mottled brown and black patina and has no proof marks, or any other stamps for that matter. The lock plate has a matching dark patina of the barrel. The lock is not stamped with a makers name, or any other markings. The mechanics of the lock still operate, the cock holds in the cocked position, and strikes the frizzen when the trigger is depressed. The pan is made of brass. The ramrod thimbles, butt plate and trigger guard are iron. The side plate is brass and is of the serpent or dragon design found on most all trade guns. Three of the original four barrel pins still retain the barrel, the rear pin is missing. The stock is a dark brown and shows damage and repairs from a couple hundred years of hard use. There are cracks in the wood throughout the stock, but surprisingly there is very little wood loss. There are areas along the barrel channel on both sides where it appears sections of wood have been pieced back in. A black looking stain has been used to cover up those areas so they are less noticeable. It may also serve as an adhesive for the wood splices. The stock is cracked at the wrist, but I'm not sure it is broken completely. There are 14 round head brass tacks that run from the butt plate along the bottom of the stock towards the trigger on each side. I removed one tack from each side of the stock, and both were square shanks. The ramrod is iron and has an unusual wound circular head. These old trade guns underwent many repairs during their lifetime. I believe that the cock is a later replacement one, as it is not of the swan neck design. The barrel itself very well may be a replacement one, as most of these trade guns were of smaller calibers than this one. This is a good representative of an unmarked, 1760's trade gun made in France for export to America and Canada for the fur trade, and could have been used by trappers, mountain men or Native Americans. It has seen some hard use, has some cracks and breaks, but still survives in one piece.
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