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WWII US Army Enlisted Service Cap
Item #: WR865
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This is a US Army enlisted mans service cap worn during World War II. This cap became synonymous with Army Air Force pilots during WWII, and that's where the nickname "crusher" came from. Officer's who were part of the crews of bombers often wore their service caps in flight, with headphones over the top of them. To facilitate a better and more comfortable fit, they removed the reinforcement bands, or stiffeners, from the hat. These bands are what gave the cap it's regulation appearance. The removal of them, in conjunction with the wear of headsets, allowed the sides of the cap to droop down, giving that "crushed" appearance. The service cap came in OD Green and worn with the winter uniform, and khaki color that was worn with the summer uniform. This winter service cap has that famous "crusher" look. It is made of OD wool gabardine. There is one small moth nip on the left side of the cap, just above the chin strap button. The sweatband is still present, shows moderate wear from use and most of the stitching is not broken. There is one area about 4" in length on the left rear that is broken. The brown leather visor is in good condition, yet still shows wear from use. The brown leather chin strap is secure, as well as the gilt service buttons attaching it to the cap. An enlisted mans cap badge adorns the front of the cap, and has a nice mellow gold patina to it. The plastic sweat shield inside the cap is still present, but has some broken stitching. The makers logo of Feldman is printed onto the lining in the center of the cap. There is no identification anywhere in the cap. This WWII US Army service cap shows just enough wear to know it was there and displays like a million bucks. it will make a fine addition to your WWII USAAF collection!

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