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Civil War Letter From Folly Island, South Carolina Dated 12 November, 1863
Item #: WR936
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This is a Civil War dated letter from Folly Island, South Carolina dated 12 November, 1863. It is written by an unknown soldier and addressed to someone named Robert. He never discloses his name or his unit, but refers to several officers by name and rank. The subject of the letter is a confrontation between a Captain R. Patterson Hughes, commanding officer of Company C, and the regimental surgeon, Major Samuel L. Kurtz. A search of the civil War research data base showed these officers to be assigned to the 85th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The disagreement between the two officers stems from an unknown soldier in Captain Hughes company that is sick in the hospital. The captain thinks the soldier is well enough to return to duty, but Surgeon Kurtz disagrees and refuses to release him from the hospital. The situation escalates when Hughes goes to the hospital while Major Kurtz is away and tries to force the Assistant Surgeon, 1st Lieutenant Samuel Sandt, to release the soldier. Lt Sandt also refuses to release the soldier in question from the hospital. Captain Hughes then pulls and sword and forces the lieutenant aside and has a file of soldiers remove the soldier from the hospital and placed under guard. When Major Kurtz returns to the hospital to discover what had happened in his absence he confronts the Captain and a Major Campbell. They basically blow him off, so the good doctor climbs the chain of command, starting with the brigade commander, Colonel Howell, all the way to Generals Alfred Terry and Quincy Gilmore. Unfortunately for the doctor, everyone either sided with the captain or refused to hear his case. The letter is in amazing condition for being 160 years old. As long as you're old enough to know how to read cursive writing it's very easy to follow along with. This will make an interesting addition to your Civil War letter collection.
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