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WWII German M1936 Senior NCO Gebirgsjager Tunic
Item #: WR945
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This is a German "Feldbluse", or field tunic from World War II. The combat uniform the German Army used during WWII began in 1933. Over a period of 10 years it underwent 10 modifications, or alterations. The first being the adoption of the four pocket wool tunic in April, 1933. The last change was the adoption of a new style uniform in October, 1944. This field gray wool tunic is a 1936 version. The tunic is in very good condition, having no moth damage, rips, tears or holes. There is a slight discoloration on the right sleeve about 6" above the cuff. This is a smaller tunic as indicated by the sizes ink stamped by the manufacturer on the right side of the lining. The top left stamp of 37 represents the height of the bust. The top right, a 39 stamp represents the collar size, in the center the chest size is 86, bottom left a 65 for the overall tunic length, the bottom right and 58 the sleeve length. The WB41 indicates the depot that received this tunic in 1941, but I'm afraid I don't know which depot it represents. Several modifications identify this tunic as a 1936 "model". The dark bluish green collar, absence of waist ties and modified lining to reinforce the back and torso are all typical of the M1936 tunic. The light green collar insignia is designated for mountain or light infantry troops. The shoulder boards have the light green piping of the German mountain or light infantry units as well, with the rank of a Master Sergeant. In 1941 another modification saw the tunic change from a five button to a six button front. The six front buttons, as well as the four pocket buttons are pebbled aluminum and have no back mark. The two shoulder strap buttons are not back marked, and are also the pebbled aluminum. The breast eagle is the earlier design being sewn in silver gray on a bluish green backing. The tunic comes with an Iron Cross First Class, Infantry Assault Badge in silver and a Wound Badge in black pinned to the left breast pocket. A three ribbon bar is above the left breast pocket that includes an Iron Cross 1939, an Eastern Winter Campaign 1941-1942 and the Entry into Sudetenland ribbon. An Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon is secured to the third button hole. The Edelweiss patch of the 1st Mountain Division is hand stitched onto the right sleeve. This is a very nice example of an early war tunic worn by a Senior Non Commissioned Officer of the 1st Mountain Division. It comes with the belt and shoulder straps in the photographs, and will certainly spice up the old war room!
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