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WWII Japanese Rising Sun Flag "Repatriated" in Northern China 1946
Item #: WR1075
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This is a Japanese Rising Sun flag from the World War II period. This one is in a frame that is a nice displayable size, measuring 40 3/4" wide and 35 1/4" high. The flag itself measures roughly 34" wide and 29" high. It is constructed of one single panel of white silk with a dyed red disc in the center, representing the sun. Emanating from the center disc are sixteen red rays. This flag was adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1870 and the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1889 as the war flag of Japan. The original ties are still attached to the left hand side of the flag. The colors of the banner remain very vibrant, with the red disc and rays showing no discoloration or fading. However, the white field shows some moderate staining from water damage. There are no major rips or tears in the flag, but there are a few small holes scattered around, the largest in the red field. This framed flag came with a note on the back stating it was repatriated in 1946 from Northern China by a 1st Division Marine. I have done no research on the Marine, but I did find information on Operation Beleaguer. That was the codename for the Marine's occupation of northeastern China's Hebei and Shandong provinces from 1945 until 1949. The Marine Corps was tasked with overseeing the repatriation of more than 600,000 Japanese and Koreans that were still in China at the end of WWII. These Japanese flags made prized souvenirs for the Marines, and this one most is said to have made it's way back to the states in R. R. Wienke's duffel bag after the war. If you have the wall space, this framed Rising Sun has some killer display power!
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