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WWI US Model 1918 Tunic Corporal Tank Corps
Item #: WR1088
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This is a US Model 1918 style winter tunic worn by the US Army during World War I. This 1918 tunic was made in the US, but there is no clothing label or Quartermaster Depot tag sewn into the lining. I can see no evidence that there ever was one anywhere on the tunic. It features the four pocket design with epaulets. The five button coat has the subdued US eagle buttons, with six smaller buttons of the same type for the pockets and epaulets. The coat size buttons are back marked "D. EVANS & CO ATLEBORO MASS". The smaller buttons are all back marked "D. EVANS & CO ATT". The coat is fully lined and has one inner pocket. There are no stamped or hand written names anywhere inside the tunic. The left sleeve has a Tank Corps patch sewn on. There is no red discharge stripe sewn on below the triangular yellow, red and blue Tank Corps patch. Above the left sleeve cuff is one gold chevron of bullion, indicating six months of overseas service. The chevrons of a Corporal are sewn onto the right sleeve. The left side of the collar has the 2nd Pattern Tank Corps collar brass, depicting a Mark VIII tanks sitting on two fire breathing dragons over a laurel wreath. The right collar has the US collar disc on it. There is no insect damage showing anywhere on the tunic. There is one small tear in the upper left pocket, and the bottom coat button is missing. This is a very nice example of a US Model 1918 tunic worn by a Corporal of the newly formed Tank Corps. It displays well on a mannequin and will look great in any war room!
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