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Springfield Model 1816 Type III Musket
Item #: WR1117
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This is a Model 1816 Type III Springfield musket from the Civil War era. The musket was originally a smooth bore .69 caliber flintlock weapon that was converted to percussion in the 1850's at the arsenal. The Belgian "Cone" method was used to altered the ignition system to percussion on this musket. All the external lock parts were removed, screw holes plugged, the pan ground flush with the lock and the small cavity filled with brass. The vent hole of the barrel was plugged with a nipple screwed into a threaded insert set slightly off center, towards the lock side. This type of conversion was only performed at the Harpers Ferry and Springfield arsenals, and is sometimes referred to as an "arsenal conversion". This converted musket measures 58" in length with a 42" barrel. The barrel has a dark bore with light surface rust throughout. The exterior of the barrel has very slight pitting and pin pricking at the breech end, mainly around the nipple. The remainder of the barrel has a smooth, pit free surface that exhibits a slightly muted National Bright finish. The bore gauges out at .70 caliber. The three barrel bands have a patina that is darker than the barrel. The middle barrel band has a sub inspectors stamp of S. The barrel has the top bayonet lug applied. The proof marks of P within a recessed oval, eagle head an V are very crisp and legible on the left side of the barrel. The barrel tang is dated 1838. The lockplate and hammer have a patina matching the barrel bands, while the trigger guard and butt plate have the same patina as the barrel. The lockplate is marked SPRING/FIELD/1837 behind the hammer and has an eagle over the letters US forward of the hammer. The action is very crisp and the hammer holds both half and full cock. The hammer strikes the nipple strongly when the trigger is depressed. The trigger guard has rounded finials and is stamped with the letter S and RR on the front finial. The rear sling swivel is still on the trigger guard bow, the front sling swivel on the middle barrel band. The side plate opposite the lockplate has the letter S stamped into it. The butt plate has the US markings on the tang. The butt plate is also stamped with the sub inspector letter of S. The button head ramrod is still present and has the threaded portion still intact. The dark walnut stock is in good condition. There are the usual bumps and dings from normal handling, but no major cracks or wood loss. The barrel and ramrod channels still show very crisp edges. There are two visible cartouches on the left stock flat, one with the initials EY and the other TW, both within an oval. There is also a small oval cartouche with the initials AH stamped just behind the rear finial of the trigger guard, along with the initials SL. This is a fine example of an early military musket that could have seen service in the Mexican American war and then been converted for use in the American Civil War. It would make a fine addition to any US military long arms collection.
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