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WWII US Model 1923 .45 Caliber Ammunition Pouch
Item #: WR1118
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This is a .45 caliber ammunition pouch manufactured by Avery for use during World War II. These cotton duck pouches were designed to carry two spare magazines for the M1911A1 automatic pistol during WWII. They differ from the Model 1912 ammunition pouch in that they have a single LTD snap. Since the snap was moved between the two magazine pockets, a post has to be added to raise the male connector of the snap above the magazine height. This one is in unissued condition and shows no wear. There is no staining or any other damage. The lift the dot snap retains all the blacking. All the stitching remains solid throughout. The ink printing on the reverse of the pouch is very legible. It reads AVERY/1942. This will make a great addition to any US WWII web gear display or collection. They carried over right on into the 1990's!

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