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WWII Japanese Rubberized Canvas Waist Belt with Three Ammunition Pouches
Item #: WR1119
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This is a set of Japanese web gear made of rubberized canvas used during World War II. The belt measures 37 1/2" in length and 1 3/4" wide. The rubberize canvas belt has separated on the inside seam in a couple of places, but shows no signs of separation on the outside. The simple frame buckle is securely attached to the belt by the original stitching. The two front ammunition pouches are slanted and have one rubberized canvas strap to retain the box closed. The two ammo pouches use stitching only in the construction of the belt loops, retaining straps for the closure strap and the hinge for the top of the pouch. The only metal used are two metal finials per box, one on each side for the closure strap ends. Both of the ammo pouches show plenty of wear, are slightly hardened, but still flexible enough to open. The single closure strap indicates these ammo pouches wear intended to be used with the Type 38 Arisaka rifle. Each pouch is divided into two compartments that hold three 5 round stripper clips each, for a total of thirty rounds of ammunition each. On the inside of the top of one pouch the arsenal stamps can be observed, the other no visible arsenal stamp, but has a yellow paint pen mark, likely a museum inventory number. The large, rear "Reserve" ammunition box is in very good condition. It too uses stitching throughout the construction of the box and has a single metal finial for the leather closure tab on the front of the pouch. The rear ammunition pouches were used to carry extra ammo still in the original packing boxes from the arsenal for an additional 60 rounds of ammunition. The bottom of the ammo pouch has two ventilation holes to help combat the humidity of the jungle. This rear pouch still has the leather straps for the oiler, as well as the oiler itself. This was vital in maintaining the Arisaka rifle. While the entire set exhibits wear from use and the typical hardening of the rubberized canvas, it still displays like a million bucks. Sets like these don't come along very often. Plus it is still flexible and strong enough to complete your Japanese Army infantryman mannequin!
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