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Early Nazi Party Flag
Item #: WR1156
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This is an early Nazi Party banner from the late 1920's to early 1930's period. This one is a very desirable size, measuring 24" wide and 14" high. It is constructed of three panels of black, white and red cotton fabric. These colors represent the Imperial German flag used from 1867 through 1918. A white diamond shaped panel with a black canted swastika sewn on it is sewn in the center of the flag. This flag is two sided. A 1" hoist is sewn into left side of the banner for display. This style of banner was designed to fly from a standard or flag pole. The colors of the flag remain very vibrant, with the none of the three fields showing discoloration or fading. There is no staining on the flag on either side. The white field of the swastika shows no staining either. There are no rips or tears in the banner, or moth holes for that matter. This flag uses the same diamond shaped swastika used to represented the Hitlerjugend, Hitler Youth, the only official youth organization in Germany from 1933 to 1945. This paramilitary organization was for boys aged 14 to 18. They learned military skills such as drill and marching, and were organized in units with a command structure similar to the military. This may be an early Hitler Youth flag made using an Imperial German flag before the red and white banner was adopted. I have not been able to find another example like this one. This one most likely made it's way back to the states in some GI's duffel bag after the war. If you have the wall space, this banner has some awesome display power!
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