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Model 1841 Rifle A.J. Drake Altered
Item #: WR14
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This is a Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle produced by the Robbins & Lawrence company of Windsor Vermont. This firm received a contract on 5 January, 1848, to produce 15,000 Model 1841 rifles at the rate of 3,000 per year. The lock plate and barrel tang on this weapon are dated 1850. In 1862 the state of Massachusetts contracted A.J. Drake of Boston to alter 1839 Windsor rifles. The majority of these rifles were manufactured by Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence, later to become Robbins & Lawrence. Modifications performed by Drake included replacing the front blade sight with a block base site able to accommodate a socket bayonet, a three leaf rear sight was added and the browning stripped off the barrels. The barrels were not rebored, but remained in .54 caliber. Most of these Drake altered weapons were issued to the 46th or 51st Massachusetts Infantry and had regimental markings for either the 46th or 51st Infantry. Less than 75 of the Drake altered rifles were left with brown barrels and have no regimental markings. This "Mississippi" rifle measures 49" overall, with a 33" round barrel. The bore is in it's original .54 caliber, bright and has excellent 7 groove rifling. The exterior of the barrel is smooth and shows some of the original brown finish mixed a dull gray patina along the entire length. The front sight is a Drake altered block base sight, while the rear sight is the three leaf long range sight. It appears that the 300 yard leaf has been broken off, leaving only the 100 and 500 yard sights intact. The barrel tang is dated 1850. Stamps on the barrel near the breech are US/L.B.C./P on the rounded section near the breech and JH on the left barrel flat by the breech. The lockplate is marked WINDSOR VT/1850 behind the hammer and ROBBINS/&/LAWRENCE/US forward of the hammer. The patina of the lockplate matches the barrel. The action is very crisp and the hammer locks in both half and full cock. It snaps forward when the trigger is depressed. The brass furniture has the same matching golden appearance. The barrel bands, trigger guard, patch box and butt plate are all sub inspector marked with the letter C. Only the back plate is sub inspector marked with the letter B. The butt plate is stamped with the letters US. Both original sling swivels are present, as well as the original brass tipped ramrod. The fit and look of all these pieces show this gun has been together since day one. The walnut stock has a couple of dings and bumps from normal handing over the past 166 years. There is once slight section of wood loss on the left side, along the top of the barrel channel between the barrel bands. Nothing major, just mentioned for accuracy. There are no regimental markings on this gun. If you collect Mississippi rifles this is one you can't live without!
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