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WWII German Waffen SS EM/NCO Tropical Sleeve Eagle
Item #: WR39
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This is a World War II German Waffen SS enlisted man/NCO's tropical sleeve eagle. This second pattern sleeve eagle, circa 1942 - 1945, is machine woven. The eagle has outstretched wings and clutches a wreathed, canted swastika in it's talons. The insignia is made of golden/tan rayon threads on a woven black rayon base. The General SS was originally formed in May 1923 as Shock Troops Adolf Hitler. In April, 1925 it was redesignated Protection Squad. On 6 January, 1929 Heinrich Himmler was appointed as Reichfuhrer SS. After the 'Night of the long Knives" the SS was granted the status of an independent organization under direct control of the National Socialist German Worker's party. The first pattern SS sleeve eagle was officially introduced in May 1936. Shortly after it's introduction the eagle underwent minor modifications resulting in the second pattern. The second pattern was worn for the duration of the war. Officer's eagles were usually hand sewn, while NCO's and enlisted men received machine sewn eagles. In December 1942 a tropical version sleeve eagle was introduced in a golden/tan color for wear on the tropical uniforms. This sleeve insignia is in good condition, with very minimal fraying on the edge of the base.
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