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WWII German SS EM/NCO Signal Sleeve Diamond
Item #: WR65
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This is a World War II German SS Enlisted Man/NCO's Signal sleeve diamond. It is 75 mm tall and 55 mm wide. The black wool diamond base features a machine embroidered, downward pointing "blitz" arrow in silvery/gray rayon threads. The back side even retains some of the original glue backing. The wearing of specific, identifying trade or specialty badges was an old tradition in the German Army and was adopted by the Waffen-SS to distinguish personnel who had successfully completed the appropriate course and had achieved proficiency at a particular trade, specialty or function. Initially Waffen-SS personnel wore the circular army pattern insignia, but eventually developed their own diamond pattern insignia. The SS pattern insignia consisted of a black wool diamond base with silver/aluminum thread emblems for all personnel for wear on the black service uniform. With the introduction of the field gray uniform all ranks were to wear the insignia done in silver/gray threads and the silver/aluminum versions were to be worn only by Officers ranks with the walking out dress. The trade/specialty insignia was to be worn on the lower left sleeve of the field blouse and the service tunic by qualified personnel and this example indicates a qualified Signal EM/NCO. This one is a very good example and will make your WWII SS display pop!
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