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Relic US Model 1873 Bayonet
Item #: WR75
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This is a relic condition US Model 1873 Bayonet designed for the Model 1873 Springfield "Trapdoor" rifle. These bayonets were used with the different variants of the Trapdoor rifle from 1873 through 1892 with the US Army. Some state and militia units were still using these rifle and bayonet combinations through the Spanish American and Philippine American wars. This model of bayonet was the last socket type bayonet to be used by the US military. The bayonet has a blade length of 18" and a socket length of 3". The socket has been damaged at the mortise end and will no longer fit on a barrel. The original bluing is still visible over the entire length of the bayonet. There is very little pitting on the blade, mainly on the shoulder and socket. The US stamp is clearly visible. The scabbard also retains some of the original bluing, but has moderate pitting along the entire surface. The leather frog is missing, so I'm not sure exactly which model this one is. How this bayonet wound up in Woodbury, Tennessee is anybody's guess. It was brought into the shop when we were still located in Smyrna by a gentleman that had been tearing down an old house in Woodbury. He assumed it was a Civil War bayonet, since many battles and skirmishes took place all around the town of Woodbury. Many winter camps were also located in that vicinity. As it turns the Civil War was over for 8 years before this model bayonet was designed. There are a couple of possible explanations, the first being a former Confederate soldier joined the US Army after the Civil War and served out west. After his service he returned home with the bayonet. it is also possible that the former owner of this relic was a veteran of the Spanish American War and brought it home after his return from the war. Either way, it's still a cool little artifact from that lost military era between the Civil War and WWI!
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