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Vietnam Era M1956 ,45 Caliber Ammo Pouch
Item #: WR92
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This is a Model 1956 .45 caliber dual pocket ammo pouch for the M1911A1 automatic pistol. After the Korean War the Army updated it's field gear to the Load Carrying Equipment Model 1956 version consisting of an updated belt, suspenders, field pack, entrenching tool carrier, universal ammunition cases, canteen cover, first aid pouch, compass pouch, and sleeping bag carrier. The .45 caliber ammo pouch was also updated to be used with the LCE equipment. Individual components worn on the belt was attached by the use of two metal clips that slipped over the belt and fastened at the bottom. This system would be used by the Army until it was replaced by the M1974 All Purpose Light Weight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) system. This cotton material OD #7 ammo pouch is in issued, lightly used condition. The single snap on the front has lost the majority of the blacking. The two black snap hooks on the rear of the pouch have lost the blacking in the high point areas. The material is unstained and all stitching remains very strong. The front flap has a very legible black US stamp. The rear of the pouch is ink stamped and is faded, but legible. This particular pouch was made by the Pioneer Canvas Products Co and dated 1969, making this a Vietnam era piece. These pieces of field gear would go on in service with the Army until the early 90's, when the M9 pistol was introduced into the inventory.
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