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Model 1872 New Hampshire Volunteer Militia General Officer's Kepi
Item #: WR108
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This is a New Hampshire Volunteer Militia General officer's Model 1872 kepi. The kepi is not identified to an individual, but it is most definitely a General's hat. According to the catalog of the United States Army uniforms in the Smithsonian collections, Volume II, written by Edgar Howell, this kepi meets all the criteria of a general officer's kepi. General Order No's. 76 and 92 from the War Department describe the appearance of the "forage" cap. It states for General Officer's, "Of dark blue cloth, chasseur pattern, with black velvet band and badge in front." It further describes the badge as "A gold embroidered wreath on dark blue cloth ground, encircling the letters US in silver, old English characters." The only difference on this kepi is in the lettering found on the badge. Instead of the letters US on the badge, this one has NH. The buttons on the chin strap are stamped NEW HAMPSHIRE VOL. MILITIA. They both have the Waterbury button company back mark used between 1870 and 1890. The exterior of the kepi is immaculate! The dark blue material retains brilliant color and is damage free. The black velvet border at the base is in good condition, but does have slight damage where the button attached on the left side. The badge sewn onto the front is of a gold bullion wreath on a dark blue background, with the letters being made of gold bullion also. The short, black leather visor is securely attached to the kepi. The leather sweatband is intact, secure and shows plenty of wear. The lining is all but gone, but the makers label is in almost mint condition. This one was made by Bent & Bush of Boston, Massachusetts. This firm had contracts for headgear in 1872 and 1874 a total of 28,000 military dress hats, 28,000 forage hats and 8500 helmets. This Indian Wars period General Officer's kepi makes an excellent display, and will compliment any collection!
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