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Second Model Virginia Manufactory Cavalry Saber
Item #: WR283
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This is a barn find second model Virginia Manufactory Cavalry Saber from the War of 1812 period. This one came into the shop from the Marion, Virginia area. It is a second model, manufactured between 1806 and 1808, and is distinguished by the rounded pommel cap and the slot for a sword knot in the knuckle bow. The first and second models of this cavalry saber were not very popular with the Virginia militia units, as the 40" curved blades proved to be very unmanageable. This created the third model, with a straighter blade and a shortened length of 36". This second model Virginia Manufactory Cavalry saber has been shortened to a length of 35 1/2". The 5" sheet iron, half basket guard is secure to the blade. The peen on the pommel looks to be undisturbed. The walnut grip is no longer with the sword. The letter V, or Roman numeral V, is clearly stamped on the obverse side of the blade tang. The blade was made with two fullers, one narrow and deep, that ran along the spine of the blade. The second fuller was wider and shallower and ran below the first. The blade of this sword has been shortened so that the second fuller terminates just before the tip of the blade. It is a known fact that many of these first and second model Virginia Manufactory swords were shortened and used during the Civil War. This one came into the shop with no known history, and no scabbard. If you collect relic condition weapons, edged weapons, War of 1812 or just cool relics this one deserves a spot on your wall!

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