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Model 1860 Spencer Repeating Rifle
Item #: WR284
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This is a Model 1860 Spencer Repeating Rifle used during the Civil War. The Union Army purchased approximately 11,470 Spencer rifles, with the initial order in the serial number range of 1000 to 11000. A second order was purchased with the serial numbers falling in the 28000 range. This repeater is serial numbered 6315, and is within the serial number range of Spencer's issued to Wilder's "Lightning" Brigade. The Springfield Research Data shows serial number 6308 having been issued to the 72nd Indiana Mounted Infantry. This Spencer rifle has an overall length of 47", with a barrel length of 30". The round barrel has a patina that matches the receiver, and a smooth exterior. The six groove rifling is still clearly visible, but worn. The bore is turning dark, and shows very light pitting. It gages out to .54 caliber, so this one did some shooting! The original brass blade front sight, doubling as a bayonet lug, is still present. The rear sight with sliding leaf, is graduated out to 800 yards. The three barrel bands have a patina that matches the rest of the iron parts. The front and rear sling swivels are still reporting for duty. The two piece walnut stock is in very good condition, having no cracks or loss of wood. The forearm has nice crisp lines along the barrel channel. There are the normal bumps and dings associated with handling and service. The wood has taken on a very nice medium brown appearance. The butt plate and seven shot tube magazine have a slightly darker patina than the rest of the iron parts. Overall, this is a very good condition Spencer Repeating Rifle that is in the prime serial number range for Wilder's "Lightning" Brigade, a very hard fought Union western theater unit.

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