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Sharps New Model 1859 Carbine
Item #: WR286
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This is a Sharps New Model 1859 carbine from the Civil War. The 22" barrel has a nice even dark plum patina. The bore is in good condition, showing strong rifling and no pitting. Proof marks of S.L. are stamped on the left barrel flat by the breech. The breech and receiver still have some coloring showing, and have a slightly lighter patina than the barrel. The saddle bar and ring are present and show moderate wear. The wood is a beautiful medium brown with great eye appeal. The stock has a couple of dings and nicks. Nothing major, just mentioned for accuracy. There is a rectangular block cartouche on the left side just above the saddle bar, but I can't quite make out the initials. There are no cracks in the wood anywhere. The barrel band, patch box and butt plate are all iron. The barrel band has a matching patina with the barrel. The butt plate and patch box also have a darker patina. The weapon stamps are all crisp and legible. The barrel is stamped is three places. Stamped between the barrel band and rear sight is SHARPS RIFLE/ MANUFG CO/ HARTFORD CONN. The rear sight base is stamped R.S. LAWRENCE/ PATENTED/ FEB 15th 1859. Behind the rear sight the last barrel stamp reads NEW MODEL 1859. The right side of the receiver is stamped C. SHARPS' PAT/ OCT 5th 1852 and behind the hammer R.S. LAWRENCE PAT/ APRIL 12th 1859. The left side of the receiver is stamped C. SHARPS' PAT/ SEPT 12th 1848. The breechblock is stamped in two places. The left rear is stamped R.S. LAWRENCE/ PATENT/ DEC 20th 1859. The right side is stamped H. CONANT/ PATENT/ APR 1st 1856. The barrel and receiver are both marked with the serial number 51961. Coates and McAulay's "Civil War Sharps Carbines & Rifles" book shows this serial number range consistent with western theater Ohio Cavalry units. The closet serial number shown in the book is 51946, assigned to a Cavalryman in Company C, 4th Ohio Cavalry. This style of carbine was the workhorse for the Union Cavalry! This one has survived in remarkable condition and displays fantastic. While I'd like to say this one was Confederate used, I guess the Yankees had to have some weapons. So, if you are a Union Cavalry collector this could very well be the piece you need to complete your collection!
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