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PS Justice Type III Rifle Musket
Item #: WR287
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This is an Type III rifle musket manufactured by P.S. Justice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the American Civil War. Justice is not known for having produced top quality weapons for the Union. As a matter of fact, several complaints were lodged by some notable officers, most notably eventual General Thomas Doubleday, as to the very poor quality and reliability of the Justice muskets. While his weapons may not have been first rate, they were delivered faster than most all other American manufacturers during the war years. These rifled muskets were produced by Justice around 1861, with a total quantity estimated at 2174, making these muskets one of the rarer Civil War long arms encountered. The overall length of this weapon is 55", with a barrel length of 39". The original bore was .69 caliber and is still very bright with no pitting. The rifling is visible, but worn, gauging at .72 caliber. I guess somebody did a little bit of shootin with this one! The exterior of the barrel is smooth and still retains the brown finish. The front brass sight and two leaf rear sight are both present, with the rear sight being stamped 3 and 5, for 300 and 500 yards. There are no visible proof marks on the barrel, but it is stamped on the top in two lines P.S. JUSTICE/PHILADA, with the number 1829 stamped on the breech tang. The lock is stamped in two lines P.S. JUSTICE/PHILADA. The action is crisp and works perfectly. The iron ramrod is present, and still retains the threaded portion. The front and rear sling swivels are present as well. The brass nose cap, barrel bands, trigger guard, patchbox and butt plate all have a very eye pleasing golden patina. The recurved trigger guard is unique to this style of rifle produced by Justice. The walnut stock retains it's original finish. There are no cracks or wood loss, just the expected bumps and dings from normal handling, which is unusual for a Justice made musket. The stocks on his weapons were prone to have cracks and shrinkage due to the unseasoned wood he used. Without a doubt this is an outstanding example of a very scarce Civil War rifled musket that was produced here in the states and will compliment any collection.
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