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WWII US Model 1918 BAR Implement Box
Item #: WR299
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This is a leather case used for carrying spare parts and accessories for the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle used during WWI and WWII. The leather boxes were usually carried in one of the pockets of the BAR ammunition belt, but were occasionally fitted with the M1910 belt hook or sewn on belt loops. The official list of items to be carried in the leather case were: 1 fabric container, large, for these spare parts; 1 extractor, 1 extractor spring, 2 firing pins, 1 sear spring, 1 connector, 1 magazine catch spring, 1 gas cylinder tube retaining pin, 1 trigger guard retaining pin, 1 fabric container, small, for these parts; 1 recoil spring, 1 combination tool, 1 thong cleaner, 1 oil can, MkII, 1 gas cylinder cleaning tool, 1 ruptured cartridge extractor, MkII. That's a lot of stuff for this little box! The leather case measures 5 1/4" wide, 3 1/2" tall and 2" deep. This one has seen some honest use. The russet brown leather shows moderate wear overall. The stitching is still very strong on the case. The leather closure tab is not broken, but is a little fragile where it is stitched to the top of the box. The left side of the case is stamped SEARS/1943. There is no doubt that this small leather case saw service during WWII. It still displays well, and would look great in your BAR ammo belt!
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