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Unissued Confederate Wood Drum Canteen
Item #: WR328
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This is a Confederate made wooden drum canteen from the Civil War. It measures 7 1/4" in diameter and is 2 1/8" wide. This is one of the unissued Confederate canteens found in a warehouse in Washington, Georgia. In the late war time of February, 1865, a Confederate supply depot was established in Washington, Georgia. This depot was utilized until the Union forces occupied the town of Washington on 5 May, 1865. This canteen, along with several others, were discovered in a Confederate marked shipping crate in 2012. The circumference of the body is made up of 12 tight fitting sections of wood, held tight to the sides by two iron bands. The bands are 3/8" wide and held in lace by a single iron rivet. All three iron sling guides are still present. The bands and sling guides have a matching patina. The spout is missing, but as stated in the article in the North South Trade magazine, some had spouts, some had corks and some were open. They were found on an iron wire also still inside the shipping crate. This one is in amazing condition, but I'm afraid to say I do not believe it will still hold water! The wood has shrank over the last 156 years, and there are small gaps between most of the side sections. That being said, who all owns a piece of unissued Confederate equipment? Accompanying the canteen to it's new owner will be a copy of the North South Trader magazine that features the story on the time capsule canteens, signed by the gentleman who discovered the canteens. A letter written by and signed by Michael Dyches, gives a brief history of the discovery of these canteens. While there may be 100's of existing Confederate wood drum canteens still surviving today, this is one of a handful that managed to evade Yankee capture and resurface 147 years after the war ended!
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