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Non Regulation Leather Haversack
Item #: WR342
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This is a non regulation haversack from the Civil War period. During the Civil War haversacks were used by Union and Confederate soldiers, both enlisted and officers. The Union Armies had regulation, Model 1851 haversacks that were issued items, along with ones they could purchase from Sutlers that followed the armies around. The Confederate forces did not have that luxury, resulting in many local and handmade examples that varied in size, construction and materials used. The haversack was used to carry the common soldiers personal items, while the officer carried some personal items along with items required to function while in a field environment. He may have paperwork, a pen and ink to prepare reports, muster rolls, manuals and other required "office" type material to effectively work in the field. This haversack appears to be a personal made item, most likely using a civilian style saddle bag and an ordinary waist belt. The haversack measures 12 1/2" wide and 9" tall. It has an outer flap that is secured closed by two integral straps 3/4" wide, which in turn are secured by two iron buckles. The last 3" of one of the straps is broken off and missing. The heavy bridle leather bag still retains the majority of the black, missing mainly along the top, edges and bottom of the bag. The sling is made of a waist belt that has been riveted to the saddle bag. There is a period repair made to the strap, at the top where the most wear would have occurred. Pinned to the strap, just above the buckle, is a Jefferson Davis hat badge. These badges were created in 1855 to be worn with the Hardee hat. There is no history or documentation to go with this haversack. It is my opinion that this "homemade" haversack was created by a former Un ion soldier that resigned from the Union Army and joined the Confederate Army. It remains in very good condition, with the leather remaining very supple and pliable. It is a very good example of necessity meeting southern ingenuity!
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