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Unnamed Southern Cross of Honor
Item #: WR377
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The Southern Cross of Honor was created by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and established in November 1899 at their annual meeting in Richmond, Virginia. The design of the medal was created by Mrs. S.E. Gabbett of Atlanta, Georgia. Due to limited funding and the thousands of Confederate veterans eligible to be awarded the medal, the design was kept to a copper medal with no enamel paint, as was originally designed. Each UDC chapter would solicit candidates from their local UCV camps. Rules stipulated that no Cross of Honor could be awarded to a veteran without a certified statement from the UCV camp attesting to the character and qualifications of the one on whom the medal was to be bestowed. The initial manufacture was for 2500 medals and each UDC chapter was to advise Mrs. Gabbett of the number of medals they required, as she became the UDC custodian of medals. This is the only recognition Confederate veterans were to receive officially thanking them for their service to the Confederacy. The medal is a two piece design, with a header with pin back and the medal suspended underneath. The medal is in the shape of a Maltese Cross, and is two sided. One side reads SOUTHERN CROSS OF HONOR around the perimeter, with DEO/VINDICE/1861/1865 in the center surrounded by a laurel wreath. The opposite side of the cross reads UNITED DAUGHTERS CONFEDERACY TO THE U.C.V. around the perimeter, with a Confederate battle flag in the center surrounded by a laurel wreath. Many of these Southern Crosses were presented with the veterans name engraved in the header. The first of the Southern Cross of Honors were presented in 1900. This medal is unnamed, and bears the makers mark of Charles W. Crankshaw of Atlanta, Georgia on the back of the header. The medal has a beautiful bronze patina, and will make any UCV collection stand out!

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