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World War I Krag Rifle Cartridge Bandolier
Item #: WR393
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This is a bandolier for the Model of 1898 Krag rifle and carbine. This was the first method used by the Ordnance Department that enabled the soldier to carry extra ammunition, or to be resupplied on the line. The bandoliers were loaded at the ammunition plants and stored in watertight containers. This bandolier was made by Remington UMC, who was under contract with the military. It is made of polished khaki cotton cloth and consists of six pockets and a carrying strap. Each pocket contains 10 cartridges separated in two groups of five divided by a cardboard liner for a total of 60 rounds. This bandolier predates the Model 1909 bandolier, and differs in the fact that each pocket is sewn shut with a cloth pull tab to open each pocket. This bandolier still has the safety pin used to adjust the carrying strap. The bandolier is still legibly stenciled and reads, " 60 Ball Cartridges, Cal. 30, Model of 1898 Remington Arms UMC Co., Muzzle Velocity at 53 ft. 1966 Feet 1918". This bandolier has survived the past 103 years well, and remains in excellent condition. All the pockets remain sewn shut, and still have ammunition in them. The cloth bandolier has no stains, rips, tears or any other damage. It displays well and would make a great addition to your WWI Krag rifle or carbine.

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