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Vietnam War Era US Model 1943 Entrenching Tool and Carrier
Item #: WR394
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This is a US Model 1943 entrenching tool with carrier from the Korean War era. These entrenching tools were made to replaced the fixed length Model 1910 shovel that was standard issue. This E-tool measures 20 3/4" when folded for storage or carrying and 27 3/4" when unfolded and locked in the spade position. The spade is 6 1/4" at the widest part. The aluminum nut allowed the soldier to lock the spade in three positions, folded for carry, fully extended to be used as a shovel and putting the spade in a 90% position to be used as a hoe, or even a weapon. The entire tool was painted OD Green. The wooden handle on this one retains the majority of that color. The spade and pick have been repainted and are 100% covered. The spade is stamped in three lines, US/H-W/1952. The canvas carrier is in good condition. It shows very little wear. The closure snap works fine, and the snap hooks for attaching the tool to a pack or web belt are both still present. All stitching remains tight and strong. This one is stamped on the in four lines on the back of the carrier, Carrier, Entrenching Tool/M-1956/DSA-1-143-6-62/FSN-8465-542-5842. Also ink stamped on the back of the carrier is the number 09. The DSA number indicates the contract and who it was awarded to, while the last set of numbers indicate the Federal stock number in the supply system. No matter what time period or region the Infantry is deployed to, they always like to be able to get out of sight quick!
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