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Vietnam Era M1967 Nylon Canteen Carrier
Item #: WR398
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This is a Vietnam era US M1967 nylon canteen cover for the US Model 1961 plastic canteen, in use with the US military from the early days of Vietnam all the way into the early 2000's. This cover has seen use, but is in very good condition. The M1967 canteen cover was made from OG 106 4 ounce nylon, with black snaps used to close the cover flaps instead of the old LTD snaps. The snaps are missing all the blacking. The two ALICE clips on the back of the cover, used to attach the canteen cover to a pistol belt, both operate freely. The acrylic pile insulating material inside the cover is in very good condition. There are no rips or tears in the material. The small pocket on the front of the carrier was used to carry a small bottle of water purification tablets, held closed by a velcro closure. There is a DRMO stamp on the front of the cover, meaning this was sold to the public. It's got that veteran look from the use, but can still be used for any early Vietnam through Cold War era collector or reenactor.
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