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French Model 1822 Light Cavalry Saber Dated 1882
Item #: WR425
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This is an Import Model 1822 French Light Cavalry Saber manufactured at the Chatellerault Arsenal in France. It measures 42" overall with a 36" curved blade. There is a wide unstopped fuller that runs from the hilt 29 3/4" long. A narrow fuller just below the spine of the blade runs 21" long. The blade has a steel gray patina with patches of oxidation and age spots all along the length of the blade. Near the hilt there is scattered pitting, on both sides of the blade and the spine. There are no visible inspector stamps or maker marks on either ricasso. The spine of the blade has been engraved and the markings are very legible. From the hilt going towards the tip of the blade it reads "Mce d'Armes de Chattll Jun 1882 = Cavalerie Mle 1822". This engraved inscription is an abbreviation for "Manufacture d'armes de Chatellerault June 1882 = Cavalerie Sabre Modele 1822". The edge of the blade has numerous nicks that are felt more than seen. The original leather washer is still on the blade. The brass hilt has a light chocolate aged patina. It has a symmetrical two branch guard integrated into the knuckle bow. There are no inspectors stamps or any other markings anywhere on the hilt. The Phygerian style brass pommel cap is plain with no embellishment. The wooden grip is oil cloth covered, remains tight to the grip and shows wear from usage. The twisted brass wire is unbroken and is tight on the grip. The iron scabbard is in very good condition. This one has two suspension rings and mounts, while some of the Model 1822 scabbards have only one. The throat is cracked on the outer side, but does not interfere with the removal or insertion of the blade. The number 254 is stamped into the upper mount of the scabbard. Both mounts and suspension rings show some honest wear. The drag is stamped with the letter F on the inward side. This saber was made during the high point of the Indian Wars period, and made it's way out west to serve with some Cavalry trooper!
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