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Vietnam Era M1 Helmet
Item #: WR506
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This is a US Vietnam era M1 helmet and liner. The helmet has a visible heat stamp of 38A, with the size of the numbers the same as used during WWII. I believe this is a stamp of McCord Radiator & Manufacturing Company of Detroit, Michigan. They produced almost twenty million M1 shells between 1941 and the end of World War II. The exterior of the shell shows evidence of multiple coats of paint, the lighter shade of green found on Vietnam era helmets and the dark shade found on WWII examples. The inside of the helmet is painted the same light green from the Vietnam era, but also has the darker paint showing through in spots. I believe this is the original paint. The exterior has almost no texture left to it. The helmet shell has a couple of very small dents There is also one spot where there is no paint at all, just bare metal showing. The stainless steel band around the rim retains virtually none of the paint. The rim has a front seam stainless steel band. The chin strap bails are swivel. The chin straps are the correct T1 ball and hook type. The liner is a WWII era Capac. The liner still has a couple coats of paint showing, the interior is unpainted. The liner is not complete, missing the nape strap and sweat band. The suspension cloth is cotton and correct for the Vietnam period. This is a nice example of an M1 combat helmet that saw service from World War II, through the Vietnam era and on into the 1980's, when it was replaced by the Kevlar helmet.

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