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Civil War Period Slouch Hat
Item #: WR610
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This is a "slouch" hat from the Civil War period. It is made of sturdy black felt material, and is in very good condition for the age. It holds it's original shape, but does look to have been stored for a period of time where it was folded in half. There is a visible crease where it lay flat for who knows how long. There are two small holes in the hat, one on the top of the crown that looks to be more from wear than insects. The other is on the front of the crown, near the brim line. It is slightly discolored around the irregular shaped hole, and does not appear to be insect damage either. There is evidence that a tape, or ribbon was sewn around the edge of the brim, but it is not longer on the hat. This is a smaller sized hat, and may have been worn by a child or very young man. The brim measures 2" and the crown is 3 1/2" tall at the highest point. There is no sweatband in the hat, but it looks as though it had one at one time. There are period images of these style hats being worn by both Union and Confederate soldiers during the war. There is no history available with the hat, but I'm leaning on a young Confederate having worn it! Course that's just my wishful thinking, I have no way of knowing who, let alone which side this hat may have marched with. Either way, it is a very nice example of a Civil War period hat that would compliment any collection, North or South.

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