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1930's United Confederate Veteran's Hat
Item #: WR637
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This is a United Confederate Veterans slouch hat from the post Civil War era. The UCV and GAR organizations were basically the very first veterans organizations. As the reunions grew in frequency and attendance many of the veterans took to wearing reproduction uniforms, if not their original uniforms from the war. This is a Stetson hat from the 1930's worn by a Confederate veteran. The hat has the Stetson logo used during the 1930's embossed on the left side of the sweatband. Also stamped into the sweatband is the name Lee Corbin. I searched the American Civil War Research database and found 189 Confederate matches for the name Corbin. An L. A. Corbin was the closest match, but little was known of him. He enlisted as a Private and had service in Company C of Mosby's Partisan Cavalry. There is no way of knowing if this is the same Corbin. The 1 3/4" brown leather sweatband is lightly stained, and is still pretty secure. There is an area about two inches long where the stitching is broken, along the right front of the hat. This tan felt hat is formed in the fashion of a fedora, a style popular during the early 1900's. Pinned to the front of the hat is a UCV hat badge of a gold laurel wreath with the brass letters UCV within the wreath. The hat has a 2 1/2" brim and a crown that is 4 3/4" tall and is approximately a size 7. This veterans hat is in very good condition, but does show evidence of being worn. There is an old Cavalry hat cord around the brim of this one. The last UCV Reunion was held from May 30 through June 1, 1951 in Norfolk, Virginia. Hopefully this veteran had the chance to attend several before the final one was held!

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