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WWII US Pattern 1940 Enlisted Dress Coat 92nd Infantry Division
Item #: WR771
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This is an unidentified Pattern 1940 enlisted dress coat used during World War II. This service coat replaced the one introduced in 1939. Made of 18 ounce olive drab serge wool fabric, enlisted service coats were dyed a shade of OD #33. The coat was worn with trousers made of the same material, and dyed the same shade of OD #33. To help give the soldier a little more freedom of movement while wearing this near form fitting coat, a set of pleats known as "bi swing backs" was added to the back of the coat. A pair of belt hooks was also utilized with a 1 1/2" half belt, which was replacing the leather service belt. This particular service coat has a contractors label sewn into the right lower pocket. The coat is partially lined and has no inner pocket, only the four exterior pockets. Inside the lower right pocket the Quarter Master tag is ink stamped "Progressive Clothing/Mfg. Co./Cont. W-669-qm-10654/Dated Jan. 16, 1941/Stock No. 55-C60418/38 R/Spec. No. 8-31D/Dated 2/7/40/Phila. Q.M. Depot/37 R/ and the inspectors number and initials. The coat is very well made, coming out of the Philadelphia Quarter Master Depot. The epaulets have no distinctive unit insignia on them. The caduceus of the Medical branch is on the left collar, and the brass US collar disc is on the right collar. There are three ribbons pinned above the left breast pocket, the Good Conduct Medal, the American Campaign Medal and the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with two campaign stars. The campaign stars are incorrect for this ribbon, they are the bronze stars used on Navy and marine Corps ribbons instead of the smaller ones used on Army ribbons. The left sleeve has the 92nd Infantry Division patch securely sewn on at the shoulder. The chevrons of a Sergeant are sewn below the unit patch. There are no overseas stripes sewn near the left sleeve cuff. The right sleeve has the Sergeant chevrons sewn on it. The "ruptured duck" is sewn above the right upper pocket. There is some slight moth damage on the coat, and the button for the lower right pocket is missing. The stitching is strong and unbroken throughout the coat. Ink stamped in several locations on the liner is the "laundry" number C2364. The 92nd Infantry Division was activated for federal service on 15 October, 1942. It was the only African American infantry division to see combat in Europe during WWII. The division departed the United States in July and September, 1944 and arrived in Italy as a complete division on 22 September, 1944. During it's time in combat during the Italian Campaign the 92nd Division suffered 548 killed in action, 2187 wounded, 206 missing and 56 POW's. 92nd Division soldiers earned 2 Medals of Honor, 2 Distinguished Service Crosses, 208 Silver Stars, and 1166 Bronze Stars. This "Buffalo Soldier's" service coat has survived in good condition and will compliment any WWII uniform collection.
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