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Early 1900's GAR Kepi Identified to CPT William Zuel
Item #: WR794
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This is a Grand Army of the Republic kepi manufactured circa 1900 - 1920. The kepi is made of blue wool and is machine sewn. There is some very slight moth damage on the right side near the top, one spot on the left side and one hole on the top. It has a printed markers label on the brown leather sweatband that is still perfectly legible. It reads J.H. BURROWS/WILLIAMSPORT, PA in sliver lettering. The sweatband shows plenty of soiling from wear, but is in good condition. Stitched into the sweatband are the initials W Z. Checking the Civil War Research Database, there is only one soldier with those initials associated with a 64th regiment during the Civil War, William Zuel. There is no size tag, but the kepi appears to be about a size 7. The stitching is strong and unbroken. The black tarred visor is securely attached to the body of the kepi and is in very good condition. The buttons are GAR marked, of the two piece design, and are tightly sewn on. There is no visible back mark on the buttons. A bullion laurel wreath has the number 64 floating in the center of the wreath. The chin strap is made of black leather, and is fully functional. The liner is a beige colored cotton material and is also securely stitched in place. William Zuel enlisted as a Private on 1 December, 1861 and was mustered into F Company, 64th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment. While serving with F Company Zuel was promoted to company First Sergeant. After their 3 year commitment expired, many men of the regiment reenlisted on 1 January, 1864 including Zuel. On 23 March, 1864 Zuel was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, then again on 10 October, 1864 to 1st Lieutenant. At that time Lieutenant Zuel was transferred to C Company of the 64th Illinois, now known as Veteran Infantry. ^ February, 1865 saw Zuel promoted to Captain, his last promotion before mustering out on 11 July, 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. This GAR kepi shows some wear and slight damage from lack of proper storage, but will still be a very nice addition to your GAR collection.
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