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Relic Condition Model 1841 Harpers Ferry "Mississippi" Rifle Dated 1847
Item #: WR893
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This is a Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle produced by Harpers Ferry. This Mississippi rifle measures 49" overall. The 33" round barrel now gages out to .56 caliber. The rifling is still visible, the bore is dark and rusted throughout. The exterior of the barrel has a black, out of the attic patina with rust and pitting along the entire length. The simple buck horn rear sight is still present, and you can see where the barrel has been provisioned for a long range two leaf rear sight that is no longer with the weapon. The front sight is the original small brass blade type. These are original to the weapon, as this rifle was sighted for 50 yard distances. Experienced riflemen were expected to be able to effectively apply "Kentucky" windage and elevation for targets at further distances. The barrel is stamped US/JAG/P to the left of the bolster. There is a faint date stamped on the barrel tang, but it is hard to make out. It looks to be a match for the 1847 date on the lock though. The barrel has not been altered with the addition of a lug to accept a bayonet, correct for the type I "Mississippi". The lock plate is marked with an eagle/US forward of the hammer and HARPERS/FERRY/1847 in vertical lines to the rear of the hammer. The lock plate has a patina that matches the barrel. The hammer still retains a trace of the case color. The mechanics of the lock are excellent. The hammer holds at half and full cock and snaps forward, striking the nipple squarely when the trigger is depressed. The brass furniture has an aged chocolate brown patina. The brass side plate has no sub inspector stamp, but the trigger guard assembly is stamped with a WS. The remaining brass parts are without a sub inspector mark. The US stamp on the butt plate is clear and is stamped parallel to the barrel. The spare nipple inside the patch box is missing. The sling swivels and brass tipped ram rod are missing. The front double strap barrel band is iron instead of brass. The walnut stock has seen it's share of trauma. Both sides of the barrel channel have sections of wood missing. The stock is broken behind the rear barrel band and held together with nails. The area just to the front and rear of the lock have significant sections of wood missing. The rear barrel band retaining spring is missing from the stock. The wood has a medium chocolate appearance. There are no visible cartouches on the flat opposite the lock plate. Most likely this old war horse went west during the Mexican War and I'm not sure if it made it back home or not. I have no history of where this one surfaced. Overall, a very nice example of a Mexican War period Mississippi rifle that could have went on to fight in the Civil War!
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