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Civil War US Model 1858 Smooth Side Canteen with Cover & Sling
Item #: WR916
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This is a Model 1858 Smooth side canteen from the Civil War era. This model was the standard issue canteen for the Union Army during the American Civil War. The Model 1858 was designed specifically for the US Quartermaster Department. They were easily produced, using stamping dies to press out two halves. This meant that there was only one seem to join, making this canteen less prone to leaking. They were issued with a wool cloth cover and a twilled cotton strap. The wool cover helped reduce the noise of sloshing water while the soldier was on the move and when dipped in water, helped keep the contents of the canteen cool. This one is in unissued, mint condition. There is no maker marked on the pewter spout. The twilled cotton sling is still reporting for duty, and is in absolutely fantastic condition. The original stopper with the cork and chain are also present. All three sling guides are in very good condition. The wool cover is complete, and shows no wear or tear from use. This is one item common to all Civil War collections, and this is one canteen you'll never need to upgrade. These canteens were highly sought after by Confederate soldiers. Of all the equipment carried by both sides, this is the one thing the soldier did not want to be without.

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