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Model 1840 Officers Heavy Cavalry Saber W. Horstmann & Sons
Item #: WR951
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This is a Model 1840 Cavalry Officer's saber manufactured for W. Horstmann & Sons of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This company was a major military goods manufacturer and dealer from 1816-1947. They dealt in military clothing, insignia, drums, flags and swords to name a few. Horstmann never had the ability to manufacture sword blades, choosing instead to import blades from Germany. They would then assemble the sword in house and sell to individuals as well as the government. This particular sword has an overall length of 38" with a blade length of 32 1/2". The blade width at the hilt is 1 3/16", with a spine thickness at the hilt of 5/16". The blade has a wide and narrow fuller. The wide fuller extends 24 3/4" from the ricasso, while the narrow fuller measures 16". The obverse side of the blade is etched W.H. Horstmann/Sons/Philadelphia/, along with the usual military stand of arms, flags and floral etchings. The reverse side of the blade is also etched in the same manner, without the Horstmann information. The blade has an almost black patina, it's been tucked away somewhere for quite a while. The edge has a couple of small nicks. The leather throat washer is missing. The brass hilt has a dark chocolate patina that corresponds with the blade. The two branch guard is hand chased on the inner and outer branches. The guard or knucklebow have no chase work on them. The pommel cap is engraved with laurel branches. The grip still retains it's marine skin cover, which is in amazing condition considering the age. The wire is still very tight to the grip. The scabbard body has a couple of dents on either side and does not have a throat. The patina is like that of the sword, black and untouched. The iron mounts and suspension rings are tight to the scabbard. This is a nice, untouched example of a Cavalry officer's private purchase sword from one of the most prolific military dealers of the Civil War period.
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