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1st Model Merrill Carbine
Item #: WR957
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This is a Federal Cavalry carbine manufactured by H. Merrill of Baltimore, Maryland and used during the Civil War. This .54 caliber Merrill carbine is of the First type, as it is furnished with the butt plate, trigger guard, single barrel band and patch box made of brass. The overall length of this weapon is 37" with a 22" round barrel. The bore is still somewhat bright, has light scattered pitting and shows very good rifling. The .54 caliber paper cartridge was loaded into the breech by pinching the rounded button type latch and lifting and pulling the plunger on the top of the receiver back, allowing the cartridge to be inserted into the breech. The breech lever mechanism is stamped 690 on the inside of the cover as well as the breech mechanism. The mechanics of this carbine are crisp and flawless. The top of the breech lever is stamped "J.H. MERRILL BALTO./PAT. JULY 1858". The base of the breech lever is stamped with the serial number 6067. The rear sights are V notched and marked for 300 and 500 yards. The lockplate is stamped in three lines "J.H. MERRILL BALTO./PAT. JULY 1858/APL. 9 MAY 21-28-61". The serial number of 6067 is stamped on the rear of the lockplate. The clean out screw is still present on the bolster and the original nipple is still present. The hammer holds in half and full cock. The barrel shows some of the original bright finish, but is mostly a steel gray patina, with scattered black spots along the length of the barrel. The iron lockplate and hammer have a silver/gray patina. Opposite the lockplate is the saddle bar and ring, also having a silver/gray patina. The brass butt plate, barrel band, trigger guard and patch box have a mix of medium and dark chocolate patina. The walnut stock is in good condition with no major wood loss and very crisp edges. There are no visible cartouches on the left stock flat, but there is a letter A and the number 37 scratched in the wood there. These carbines were known to have been issued to the following Union cavalry units: New York 1st, 5th and 18th, Pennsylvania 11th, 17th and 18th, New Jersey 1st, Indiana 7th, Wisconsin 1st and 3rd, Kentucky 27th and the Delaware 1st Cavalry regiments. This is a good example of a well used 1st Model Merrill carbine that still displays well. If you are a Union Cavalry or carbine collector this Merrill will definitely enhance your collection.

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