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Model 1861 Smith Carbine by Massachusetts Arms Company
Item #: WR958
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This is a Model 1861 Smith carbine manufactured by the Massachusetts Arms Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts and used during the Civil War. This .50 caliber carbine was designed by Gilbert Smith, a machinist from Buttermilk Falls, New York. The overall length of this weapon is 39" with a 21 1/2" octagon to round barrel. The bore is bright, has no pitting and shows very good rifling. The .50 caliber cartridge was loaded into the breech by depressing the barrel release "trigger", allowing the barrel to pivot forward away from the receiver, and permitting the cartridge to be loaded into the breech. The exterior of the barrel has a mixed plum and steel gray patina. The receiver, barrel band and trigger guard all have the same matching patina of the barrel. The mechanics of this carbine are crisp and flawless. The rear sight is a single leaf type, with a sliding V notch bar. There are no range graduations stamped on the folding leaf. The receiver has three different stamps on the left side. Forward of the trigger guard is the stamp MANUFACTURED BY/MASS. ARMS CO./CHICOPEE FALLS. Above the trigger guard are the two separate stamps, ADDRESS/POULTNEY & TRIMBLE/BALTIMORE U.S.A. and below that SMITH"S PATENT/JUNE 23, 1857. The serial number of 20673 is stamped on hinge points of the receiver and the barrel. The clean out screw is still present on the bolster and the original nipple is still present. The hammer holds in half and full cock. The saddle bar and ring are still present and have a patina matching the rest of the gun. The butt plate shows a darker, almost black patina. The stock is in good condition with no major wood loss and very crisp edges. The forehand is 9" in length. There is one visible cartouche on the stock, about 3" to the rear of the receiver. Within a rectangle are the script letters of JM, standing for James Mills. He was assigned by the Army to inspect arms manufactured at the Chicopee Falls location in 1863. This is a nice representative of a Model 1861 Smith carbine that came out of a North South Skirmish Association collection and this was his competition carbine. It will compliment any civil war carbine collection.

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