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US Model 1860 Enlisted Light Cavalry Saber Roby 1863
Item #: WR959
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This is a Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber manufactured by Christopher Roby & Company of West Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The sword measures 40 3/4" overall, with a blade length of 35". The blade is slightly curved with a wide, flat back that measures 1 1/16" at the ricasso. It is a single edged blade with an integral fuller that measures 27 1/4" and a narrow fuller along the false edge measuring 18 1/4" in length. The blade has one or two small nicks along the edge, felt more than seen. The blade has a nice steel gray patina with no pitting. The reverse ricasso is marked C.Roby/W.CHELSFORD.MS in a circular stamp. The obverse ricasso is stamped US/1863. A smaller M is stamped above the US. The blade has not been sharpened. The brass hilt has been nickel plated at some point. Only hints of the original brass color can be seen here and there. The number 54 has been stamped into the reverse top side of the guard. The original leather washer is present and the blade is very tight to the hilt. The wooden grip is still covered in the original leather wrap, but only where the wire is. Between the wire wraps the wooden handle is exposed. There are no cracks in the grip. The double twisted brass wire is tight to the grip. The pommel cap is also tight to the grip, and has also been nickel plated. The peen appears to be unmolested. The original iron scabbard has been stamped with two sets of numbers on the drag, 61 and 15. It is free of dents. The scabbard has looks to have been nickel plated as well, with the majority of the plating remaining. The drag is integral and shows definite wear from use, as do the mounts and suspension rings. Overall this is an honest example of an enlisted man's Light Cavalry Saber that most likely saw service during the American Civil War. This sword is perfect for the new collector.
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