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Confederate 12 Pound Solid Shot
Item #: WR5
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This is an excavated Confederate 12 pound cannonball recovered from Raymond, Mississippi. The wide parting seam identifies this solid shot ball as being Confederate. The ball is 4.45" in diameter and weighs 11.6 pounds. It was excavated near 14 Mile Creek, where the battle of Raymond occurred. It has been stabilized to prevent any further deterioration, but shows some effects from being in the ground. The Battle of Raymond was fought in the fields adjacent to 14 Mile Creek east of Raymond, Mississippi on 12 May, 1863. The 12,000 Union forces were under the command of Major General James McPherson. 4,400 Confederates were commanded by Brigadier General John Gregg. Gregg intended to ambush the Union forces, but instead fell into the trap he had intended for McPherson. Fighting raged around the creek bed, with the confederate forces winning early, only to have the tide of battle turn later in the day. During the fighting the commander of the "Sons of Erin" 10th Tennessee Infantry, Colonel Randal McGavock, was killed while leading his men across the field. Supporting General Gregg's Infantry was one three gun section commanded by Captain Hiram Bledsoe. Bledsoe's guns were called forward to within 700 yards of the creek and dueled with the Union artillery until the Confederate forces could consolidate and withdraw. Captain Bledsoe's Missouri Battery of Light Artillery would go on to become one of the most respected and successful artillery units in the Confederate Army. Here is your opportunity to own a piece of Confederate Civil War history at a price that won't put you in the poor house.

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