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Robert E Lee Hair Strands
Item #: WR9
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This has been a good week for rare and unusual items coming into the shop! Today we received strands of General Robert E Lee's hair professionally mounted in a beautiful 8" x 10" gold frame. A reproduction 3" x 3 1/2" CDV of General Lee's profile portrait is at the top of the display. Under the CDV a 1 1/2" enclosed square display case with a 3X magnification cover contains several strands of Lee's light gray hair. Below the strands of hair a printed card that reads: Robert E. Lee (1807 - 1870) Several strands of Robert E. Lee's light gray hair which were originally contained within a gold locket which in turn was passed down through the Lee family to Mr. Beverly Middleton, nephew of Robert E. Lee III. The locket was sold at Butterfields auction in 2001.All three pieces are double matted in red suede with Gold Florentine trim. Here is your chance to own an heirloom from one of America's most notable and beloved military commanders of all time. This piece was purchased from the Horse Soldier, and a certificate of authenticity from them will accompany it.


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