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Cold War Era LBE
Item #: WR11
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This is a set of personal gear from the Cold War Era. Marines called it 782 gear, or duece gear. The Army called it LBE, short for Load Bearing Equipment. Regardless of which branch of service you were in, everybody had a set. You wore it to the field, out to the ranges to qualify, and modified versions for parades and guard duty. When you were training it became second nature to have it on, and heaven help you if you were caught without it! That's when it was simply referred to as gear, "where is your gear troop?" No matter what your answer was, it was incorrect! This set is made up of a pistol belt, suspenders, 2ea M16/M4 magazine pouches, 1ea M12 Bianchi ambidextrous holster for the M9 pistol, 1ea aftermarket three magazine pouch for M9 magazines and 2ea military issue single pooches for M9 magazines. There are also 6 ea magazines for M16/M4 weapons and 5 ea clips for the M9 pistol. This gear was used by the military from the 1970's all the way up to the early 2000's. The Interceptor Body Armor system used by today's military has made this tried and trusted equipment obsolete. If you're a Cold War era warrior this set will bring back some memories!
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