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WWII German Transport & Glider Squadron Clasp In Silver
Item #: WR33
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This is a German World War II Transport & Glider clasp (Frontflugspange fur Transportflieger) in silver. This operational flying clasp was introduced by Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring on 19 November, 1941. This was the fourth clasp in a series of eight that were instituted at different points through out the war to recognize the increasing number of flights achieved by specialized Luftwaffe personnel. The clasps were awarded like most other German war badges, in three classes. Twenty operational flights were required to obtain the bronze clasp, sixty for silver and one hundred ten for the gold clasp. On 26 June, 1942 Goring introduced a starburst pendant to recognize crews who had flown more than one hundred ten flights. The pendent was awarded to personnel who had flown five hundred flights. This seems like an unrealistic number, but by 29 April, 1944 a numbered pendant was introduced as flight crews began to exceed the five hundred flights required for the award of the pendant. The numbered pendant started at two hundred and went all the way to two thousand in increments of one hundred. That's an incredible amount of time in the air! This clasp is a two piece, die struck, alloy construction with bright and burnished silver wash finish. The clasp is in the form of a circular, embossed laurel leaf wreath with a Luftwaffe Eagle in the center clutching a canted swastika in it's talons. The eagle is secured to the clasp by a single rivet, visible on the reverse side. There are three overlapping rows of embossed oak leaves extending horizontally from either side of the central wreath. The reverse side is solid and has a soldered on hinge, coke bottle shaped horizontal pin and a heavy soldered catch, all in perfect working condition. There are no makers marks on the back of the clasp. This clasp displays great and will make a great addition to any WWII German Luftwaffe collection.
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