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35th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Survivors Association Jim Beam Decanter
Item #: WR61
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This is a Jim Beam decanter commemorating the 35th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It stands 9 5/8" tall and is 7 1/2" wide. The decanter is made of genuine Regal China, and was produced in 1976. The front of the decanter depicts an eagle in the center. The eagle is plated in 24k gold, and clutches an aerial bomb in it's talons. Above the eagle, in gold lettering, is written "FOUNDED 1958". This is the year that the association was started, and was open to all personnel who were on Pearl Harbor or less than three miles offshore when the attack occurred. Below the eagle in white lettering is written "KEEP AMERICA ALERT". Around the perimeter in white lettering it reads "PEARL HARBOR SURVIVORS ASSOCIATION", with a gold plated beaded border. The front is painted a nice sea blue. The back of the decanter depicts the island of Oahu, with "OAHU" in gold lettering across the island. Below the island are three battleships, remembering battleship row. Gold lettering saying "PEARL HARBOR" is written adjacent the entrance to the harbor. The island is painted a light green, with the center of the decanter white, surrounded by the same shade of blue as on the front. This piece is a tribute to those of the "Greatest Generation" that were present on the "Day of Infamy" 76 years ago. Of the estimated 60,000 survivors from that day less than 2500 are still with us. This beautiful decanter will fit into several different types of collections, be it WWII or Jim Beam decanters.
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