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WWI US Army Type EE Binoculars
Item #: WR129
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This is a set of US Army Signal Corps Binoculars manufactured by Bausch & Lomb circa 1916. At the onset of World War I the Signal Corps was responsible for distributing binoculars to the Army. Non Commissioned Officers were issued binoculars, while Commissioned Officers were required to purchase their binoculars. Between 1914 and 1918 the Signal Corps relied on Bauch & Lomb, Gundlach - Manhattan, Crown Optical, Talbot Reel & Manufacturing Company and the Weiss Electrical Instruments Company to produce the critically needed binoculars. The leading producer was Baush & Lomb, whose production went from 1800 units in 1914, to 3500 per week by November of 1918. The standard Army binocular was 6 power, prismatic, individually focused, with a field of view of 150 yards at a range of 1000 yards. There were approximately 106,000 sets shipped overseas during the US involvement in WWI. Many of the type EE were still in the Army inventory when World War II broke out and saw service during that war. This set of binoculars, made by Baush & Lomb, is in good condition. The brown colored leather cover on the body of the binoculars is completely intact, and even has the original pebbled texture. The brass has been exposed where the black has been worn off from use around the body of the binoculars. The right side objective lense housing is stamped Serial No. EE255200 on the front and the back is a circular stamp that reads BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. ROCHESTER N.Y. on the outside. Within the circle is a small inverted triangle stamped U.S.A. The left side front is stamped SIGNAL CORPS/U.S. ARMY. On the back side is another circular stamp with PRISM STERO 6 POWER on the outside. Within the circle it is stamped 30mm APERT. The lenses focus individually and have no issues. The image is very clear when viewed with both eyes, or individually. This is a very nice set of US made binoculars that more than likely saw use in both WWI and WWII.
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