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Hudson Bay Trade Silver Cross with Venetian Beads
Item #: WR190
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This is a trade silver cross from the Hudson Bay company circa 1777 - 1814. The coin silver cross measures 5 1/2" long and 4 3/4" wide. The cross is suspended from a sinew strung necklace of Venetian beads that is 13" long. The cross was made by Narcisse Roy, a Canadian silversmith from Montreal. The hall marks found on the cross are NR, HB with a beaver above and MONTREAL. NR is the the silversmith Narcisse Roy, believed to have been trained by Robert Cruickshank between 1777 and 1786, is found at the top of the cross. The Hudson Bay hall mark with the beaver is found at the bottom of the cross, just above the word MONTREAL. The cross shows intricate patterns of etching , with two snakes crawling towards the center of the cross. Mounted in the center of the cross is an opal shaped green glass bead. This piece of trade silver was most likely traded in the Great Lakes area of the United States. The silver is tarnished and a few of the beads have small chips, but overall this set displays wonderfully. This would add great eye appeal to any Native American or mountain man/trapper collection.
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